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Are you looking for the best spots to run your ads online in Singapore? Internet penetration is already at 3 billion which is almost half of the world’s population. So you really don’t have to reach to everyone but only those who are seeking for your services or products.

You can define your target audience with the help of social media marketing agency in Singapore based on target age, location, interests and other personalized features. According to a report by HootSuite Global, a great deal of connection through the internet happens via social media. The use of social media as from 2017 has reached about 21% and mobile users has increased by 30% yearly.

The impact that internet connectivity has had in Singapore digital marketing landscape is quite huge. When social media activity in Singapore is compared to that of the world, that of Singapore is double the global average as about 70% of Singaporeans are active on social media. Advertising on social media has become the primary source of advertisement for many businesses and Singapore is not excluded.

The dilemma that many businesses face is the actual platform that they should utilize fast for running ads. Facebook and Instagram are some of the popular platforms that businesses use to create awareness, connect with their customers and also increase sales. Business owners have a range of popular social media platforms that they can work with, however, each platform is unique in strengths, characteristics and challenges.

Social media marketing agency Singapore

Here are some of the top locations to run ads in Singapore;

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in Singapore that can be used for running business ads. Displaying ads on the platform provides businesses with the opportunity to not only reach out but also engage with a wider audience on the platform. Since it’s a social platform, there are unique strategies that should be used when creating marketing campaigns and it’s important that a business gets to hire digital marketers in Singapore for professional services.

The table below shows the number of projected Facebook users in Singapore and as you can see, there is a steady increase in the number of users which means failing to run ads on the platform would mean missing on business opportunities.

Social media marketing agency Singapore

Source: https://www.statista.com/

The very most challenging part of marketing on Facebook entails creating a campaign. A lot of mistakes can be made in the process if creation of an ad is not undertaken by an expert SEO agency in Singapore. When Facebook marketing is correctly done, it has the potential of communicating your brands core personality and core message, attracts and also engages existing and new customers and converts the fans to customers.

Creating an ad on Facebook is never enough as you will need a dedicated social media marketing agency in Singapore that can focus on Facebook ad management so as to monitor how the ad is performing and if some tweaking should be done. The social media marketing agency that’s involved can perform activities such as, conceptualization of the ad campaign, conceptualization of ad visuals, ad optimization, audience research, interest targeting, and AB testing among other tasks.

If a business is to achieve, online brand awareness, traffic, and sales then there should be a team dedicated to the full management of the Facebook page. The benefit of engaging digital marketing services in Singapore lies in the fact that the agency will not only manage Facebook page and the ads but will focus on all aspects of digital marketing across different platforms.

Instagram Marketing

If you have ever posted anything on Instagram as a small brand then you definitely have a feeling of what it is like when there are likes, shares, comments or engagement with your post in any way. Even as a small brand, you can still benefit by running ads on Instagram as its one of the second most popular social media platforms in Singapore. Unlike Facebook, Instagram is a visual platform that’s quite suitable for creating brand awareness.

To make the most out of the platform with ads, you should consider engaging a professional SEO agency in Singapore who clearly understands the dynamics of the platform. Instagram platform is great for keeping up with trends and running ads on Instagram entails paying so as to run the sponsored ads on the platform.

Running ads on Instagram is suitable for businesses that intend to increase their brand exposure, drive targeted traffic to their website, generate leads and nurture potential leads through the buyer’s journey for sales. Working with digital marketing services in Singapore can help with ensuring that the right strategies are used when designing the ads so as to yield the desired results.

The way ads are designed for Facebook is quite different from that of Instagram. Success in ads performance begins with proper targeting of those to be reached with the ads. Targeting is done based on a number of factors such as age, gender, interests, location and behavior amongst others. Instagram provides users with the opportunity to show the human side of their brand to potential customers.

To effectively engage in Instagram marketing, you should hire digital marketers in Singapore that will not only dedicate time to the management of Instagram page but will also undertake various measures in place when designing ads that appeal to the target audience and ignite response to the call to action. Timeline monitoring and engagement require working with a dedicated team that understand the marketing objective of the company and how to set strategies in place that meet the objectives.

As much as there are various locations to run social media ads in Singapore, focusing on Facebook and Instagram has the potential of bringing in substantial results as long as you are working with a professional digital marketing agency in Singapore.

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