1. The agency shall give a full refund if the client makes a cancellation of our services within duration of 5days after payment is made.
  2. If the client chooses to bring the contract to termination after the first 5 days, they shall incur a penalty fee equivalent to the amount of time invested in the project. Thereafter, the amount remaining shall be credited into the client’s account after a period of 45 days of the cancellation.
  3. Any cancellation of services shall be done 10 days before the next billing cycle commences.
  4. Should a cancellation be done after the onset of the billing cycle, the client shall be charged an amount equivalent to the numbers of hours spent on the project during that month.
  5. Should a client sign up for our services and makes no use of them, they shall be entitled to remunerate the agency.
  6. Any refunds shall be credited into account from which payment was received within 45 days of cancellation of service.

Search Engine Optimization Refund Policy

Leadbywebricots shall not be entitled to refund the client and does not guarantee top ranking on search engines under the following circumstances

  1. If the effect of the ranking on search engines is as a result of policy changes or changes in algorithm or the search engine’s functionality.
  2. Leadbywebricots shall not be held accountable for the SEO results in cases where the Client involves any third party SEO services.
  3. The agency does not guarantee immediate search engine ranking since the number of times and the website rank changes from time to time.
  4. The agency shall not be held responsible for any adverse effects on web ranking that results from alteration in web content either by the client or a third party.

We hereby declare that our SEO services do not guarantee the client a top ten ranking on the search engines. Note that our entire agency team works towards the client’s best interests we do our best to yield profitable results. Our main aim is to simplify your life and to make your business more profitable.

Lead by Webricots retains the right to modify the above refund of payment and cancellation policy at anytime without any prior notice.