Webricots collects the client’s information when they are using our website including the contact details such as email addresses that are especially essential when subscribing to our newsletter. These details help us to understand your needs better in order to offer tailored services that suit you best with an accurate view of what exactly you need . This policy clearly states how we may use any information or contact details we hold concerning our clients. Our services are general and specific to:


At Webricots we are committed to ensuring that your information is well secure. As a way of preventing illegal disclosure or unauthorized access, we implement procedures to help in protecting any sensitive details that we collect online. Nevertheless, just like in most standard emails or any emails with your contact information mailed to or from Webricots, they are set in a non-encrypted format. Any retrieval of data or information in our personal network is stringently restricted from any unauthorized individuals.

Cookie policy

Yes, we use Cookies to make your experience with our website great, just like in most modern websites. Cookies are basically small pop up text files that automatically appear on your PC when you visit certain sites. Their purpose is to help in assessing the website traffic and make us alert anytime you visit our site. Cookies help in enhancing the functionality of web applications usually by providing a personal and customized experience through collecting and keeping your likes, dislikes and preferences for future reference.  We have further details about our cookie policy. Please visit

You have an option of disabling Cookies via your browser settings and this will not hinder you from having an access to our web. However, kindly note that various parts of our site may not operate as easily as when Cookies are enabled. Please check with your browser documentation concerning how to disable Cookies.

Server Logs

Server logs usually capture specific non-identifying  like time and date of site visit, the Operating system and  browser type being used, the user’s web URL and the domain name or the IP address of the user. These details are extremely important to us as they help us to make a perfect plan for system enhancement when need arise as well as to provide content that is compatible to user’s web browsing systems.

Links to other Websites

You are likely to find third parties’ website links on our site. These websites also have their set of privacy policies which you should have a look at. However, note that we are not responsible for any liability due to their policies since we have zero control over them. 

Managing your personal information

Following the Data Protection Act 1998, every individual has a right to access any personal information that is held concerning them. You can ask for a copy of any details we hold concerning you. However, note that any information we are requested for may be subject to a fixed charge of €10 that covers administrative charges. Kindly feel free to contact us in case you have such a request.

Third Parties

We often use third-party advertising agencies for the purpose of ads when a visitor comes to our site. These agencies may include your information (excluding your web address, name or telephone) concerning your visits to our website and other sites on goods and services that may be of interest to you. For further information concerning “behavioral advertising” practice or in case you do not want to be part of this, please visit.

Changes to This Policy

With technological modifications and changes, we are likely to update this policy from every other time. Please note that it is your responsibility to keep checking this page in case of any developments to this privacy policy.