Find me the nearest pizza place

Alexa, whats my flash briefing?

Voice is future

Optimize for voice search

Ok Google, how does voice search change seo?

Voice is the next front. Are you ready for it?

More than 70% people now using voice search. Cortana, Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa are major pioneers in voice search optimisation revolution. Its estimated that by 2019-20 the rise of sound and voice assistants will increase by 130-150% and more than 60% searches will be done by voice. The question is - when that happens, is your business ready for this change?
With voice search optimisation being the next forefront it's important to keep your business in sync with how and what people and search engines are looking for through voice queries. Lead by Webricots is helping business to take their websites and brand's digital operations to the next level by getting your websites optimised and designing strategies for voice searches.

Whats my flash breifing?

Ok Google

How's the weather today?


Set alarm for 6.30 am today


Set a timer for 3 minutes

Ok google

Which movies are releasing
this week?


Play music from my phone

Benefits of voice search for businesses

$600 million industry

By 2020, 21.5 million smart speakers will be active in US only. The stats are continuously growing worldwide.

One Billion Voice Searches

With recent data update from Alpine AI, more than 1 billion voice searches are estimated per month.

Rapidly increasing

More than 50% searches will be done by voice by 2020. More than 40% of millennial are using digital voice assistants at-least once a month.

Get your website optimised for voice search with Webricots

1. What exactly is voice search optimisation?

Voice search is to use your voice (speaking) to search for answers, queries and things by interacting with a voice based devices like smart speakers and digital voice assistants.

2. How voice search work?

  1. Transcribing speech and processing human speech to text.
  2. Analysing text and detecting commands.
  3. Connect to search engines and get the appropriate data.
  4. Translating the data into voice for audible format.

3. Is voice search opt. important?

Definitely it is! It’s not even a doubt or a question now. With more than billion searches each month, you would not like to miss the opportunity of being voice ready with you business/website. Remember when SEO and google search was just beginning? Just to get a context remember that by 2020 more than 30% of all searches will be done on screen-less (on voice first devices).

4. What are voice search strategies?

  • Google Voice Search Quality Guidelines.
  • Use of Long Tail Keywords.
  • Pattern cloning: how human speaks and asks.
  • Right structured data about your business.
  • Quick answer optimisation.

Audio content is making a comeback with voice enabled search & is definitely the next big marketing playground, get your business ready for it.

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Voice enabled websites

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Optimising for Voice SEO

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Content Improvement for Voice SEO

We re-create your content from a human speech & conversational perspective to optimise for voice first AI understanding.

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