Short ads
/ Per video
Create an Ad
Runtime - 30 sec
Footage style - Cinematic
Music - Included
Your Branding - Included
Revisions - One
Just Right
/ Per video
Create an Ad
Runtime - One Minute
Footage Style - Animated
Text Script Support - Included
Music - Included
Your Branding - Included
Ideal For Facebook & Instagram Marketing
Revisions - Two
/ Per video
Create an Ad
Runtime - One Minute +
Footage Style - Cinematic + Animated
Upload Your Photos & Videos
Includes Branding Colors
Ideal For Facebook, Instagram & Youtube
Music - Included
Your Branding - Included
Text Script Support - Included
Revisions - Four

Do You Have Questions?

Understand how social media video ad service works? FAQs are here.

1. Can I use these video for Facebook advertising

Yes! All videos are Facebook friendly and can definitely be used for social media marketing.

2. Does video includes my logo?

Yes, All the videos are logo inclusive and can be used as white labelled service too.

3. How do you create video script?

Well, we study your business from your website and then take the chunks of data which are essential elements of your business. Once we have a good text flow we add them to the most relevant animated scenes.

4. Does video includes text speech or voiceovers?

No, for the above 3 packages we do not include any kind of voice over or text speeches. However, to create custom animated voice over videos you can contact our designers and get a custom quote as per your requirements.

5. Can I sell these videos as white-label service?

Yes! you can. All our videos are copyright free and can be re-sell as a white label product. Feel free to sell it to your clients.

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