Advertise digitally in Singapore – why it is important for you?

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Online is where most of the people spend time and in order to reach them you have to be there to generate brand awareness, generate leads and also make sales.

According to various research reports, 64% report that they have been influenced to make a purchase based on a video they watched online, 52% of most online sales can be traced back to Facebook and Instagram and this is because the Internet has become like the second home where many spend their time.

Having a dedicated SEO agency in Singapore to help with advertising can go a long way in enhancing a brand’s online presence and generating sales.

An Overview of Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is all about showcasing products and services to digital platforms where people spend most of the time. It leverages on the popularity of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google search. Effective digital marketing requires the engagement of a professional digital marketing agency in Singapore that is well versed with how the platforms work and the latest strategies to use.

Before you opt for digital advertising, here are some of the statistics that you should be aware of.

  • According to reports by Google, about 3.5 billion searches are made by users every day.

  • 92% of the users tend to engage with businesses that appear on the first SERP.

  • The volume of Google searches have been increasing yearly by about 10%

  • 34% of the searches are mostly for products

  • 34% of the searches that are made with “near me” keyword leads to the users visiting the actual store.

Going by the shared statistics, it’s clear that engaging in digital advertising can in a great way impact business growth especially if you hire digital marketers in Singapore with understanding of expert strategies to implement.

Why digital advertising is important for your business

Here are some of the things you get to attain as you engage in digital advertising of your business;

Ability to reach the target audience with the right message

Digital advertising is normally targeted and helps with reaching the right audience with a message that they are already searching for. A lot of work goes into targeting and designing the ad campaigns so as to reach the target audience and that’s why businesses should engage SEO agency in Singapore. Google search has raised the bar when it comes to digital advertising and whoever has in depth understanding on how the algorithms work stand a better chance of reaching the target audience with the right message that results into higher response rate.

Measurable Results

Effective digital advertising is not just about sharing ads on Facebook, Google, Instagram or other online platforms, it requires the use of internet based tools to carry out research, formulate the right strategy, execute, manage, track, analyze and improve on the ad campaigns. The task can be involving and that’s why working with an expert social media marketing agency in Singapore can be of great benefit.

What makes the targeted ads to be effective is that they can be personalized to maximize on the level of relevance for the target customer. The customer’s user experience gets integrated and that in turn guides them to the client’s website where the actual purchase takes place. Since the process is digital, every step of the potential customer’s journey can be tracked and improvements made that caters for their personalized needs. Such tasks can be complex and that’s why engaging digital marketing agency in Singapore is important.

This kind of digital advertising makes it possible for businesses to realize ROI that’s in no way possible with any other means of advertising.

It’s Diverse and Not One Thing

Advertising digitally is never a one size fits all kind of advertising. What works for the Singaporean market may not actually be ideal for other marketplaces. The aspect of diversity makes it easy for clients to settle for what’s ideal for your type of business. For example, if your target audience spends more time on YouTube then instead of focusing on advertising on other channels, you can focus more effort on YouTube.

Working with a professional social media marketing agency in Singapore will equip you with quality research on where your target audience spends most of the time, the keywords that they use for search and other relevant information on how to target them with your products or services. There are businesses that will find Facebook ads to be effective, others LinkedIn ads or Google AdWords.

Identifying the right strategy and the platforms to focus on will help with reducing advertising costs and is more likely to yield higher returns.

As much as advertising digitally is effective, how the whole process is designed is key as some people may just opt to ignore the ad if it keeps popping anyhow on their timelines. Before you start with advertising digitally, ensure that you work with digital marketing services in Singapore as they are more likely to deliver ad campaigns that the target audience find to be irresistible.

The more targeted the ads are, the higher your chances of realizing ROI and business growth. If engaging a professional SEO agency in Singapore will make that happen then it’s an investment that’s worth considering.

Digital advertising is quite affordable and regardless of the size of your business, you can easily scale up and down based on the conversion rate and the number of customers that you can effectively handle at any given time.

If you are working with a digital advertising company like www.webricots-sg.com then you can be assured of spending less time focusing on the ads and more on other business tasks that are equal importance. Based on the data that you are provided with by the digital advertising agency that you choose to work with, you can run the ads on different platforms for enhanced reach and conversion.

For all your digital advertising and marketing needs, engage expert digital marketing agency in Singapore. You can be guaranteed of realizing substantial ROI.

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